Are you looking to shift planetary consciousness through shifting your own perception and understanding of what upholds the physical manifestation of reality?

Would you like to "blow open your mind " and gain a completely new understanding of our "physical" reality?

Do you want to be able to utilize most parts of your brain with no discrimination between the left and the right side?

Do you desire to "see" the Sacred Geometry in all life? Would you like to become a qualified teacher of this ancient, sacred and so contemporary knowledge?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of these, take this opportunity and attend this  amazing seminar led by an amazing teacher - described as awesome by his students -  an international lecturer on Sacred Geometry and Rapid Mental Calculation (aka Vedic Mathematics), Jain of Jain MatheMagics.   Participants may attend for any number of days - special fees apply to enable all who are interested to join us.

The ancients believed that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul.

They knew that these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness.

Sacred Geometry takes on another whole level of significance when grounded in the experience of self-awareness.

The real numbers are within us, in our genetic coding, in every cell of our body and in everything that surrounds us in the Universe.

In this 5 day seminar, we will learn what scientists already know. We will learn how mathematics relates to and is intertwined in our everyday lives, and not just our bank accounts and paying bills.

Included will also be Torus geometry and meditation - Jain's EarthHeart Meditation, as lead by him at the Utopia Retreat Conference in Austrialia.

Topics covered will include :

DNA and the advanced knowledge hidden within our cells

Phi Ratio - its mysteries and how it is part of our Ascenscion Process

Counter-rotating fields stored in our DNA

The Helix - its two opposing spirals that store all biological memory and intelligently replicate

Star Languages - how Mathematics underpins them all

Sacred Architecture in church's and how it mirrors our own beauty

The Golden Rectangle of the Mona Lisa painting and how this same mathematics describes every living protein in our cells that are pentacle shaped

Language of Light - the origin of our Alpha Beta or Anglish Language - the Angles of Angels! - and how it is created from the the marriage of the ultimate feminine symbol of the Spiral and the ultimate male symbol of the Tetrahedron pyramid

Whole-Brain Learning - the Translation of Numbers into Art

The Fibonacci Numbers and how they evolve into the Multi-Dimensional Torus Domain

Phi Spiral - its vortex mathematics and the written origin of our ABC and 123

Learn how by “copying and comprehending Nature” we are One with all Creation

Gold in Others - how to see it

Sacred Geometries nested within the Heart, which connect us to all Memory of all Universes

Seeing the wonderfully patterned beauty of Creation - the molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, flower petals, diamond crystals, the branching of trees, pine cones, snow flakes, a nautilus shell, the star we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms as we know them and as they emerge out of timeless geometric codes.

This seminar will educate you and leave you enchanted, as you begin to understand the true meaning and depth of Pythagoras’ work 2,500 years ago, so relevant to our planetary evolution of consciousness today.

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Day 1

RAPID MENTAL CALCULATION - Complex and rapid calculations... carried out in your head!

Aka Vedic Mathematics -used by NASA in the field of Artificial Intelligence and fondly known as Cosmic Computer, with Vedic mathematics the mind becomes a bio­-calculator.  This ancient Indian art reflects how the culture encouraged higher levels of intelligence with minimum of effort, toil and worry.

Based on 16 Universal Sutras and involving Mental Multiplication only, we will learn:

~ Multiplication of the Teen Numbers, eg. 13 x 17
~ Multiplication of 2 Digit Numbers, eg.96 x 94, 32 x 64
~ Magic Fingers

Day 2

MAGICS SQUARES - Complex and intricate atomic art created from numbers in various Magic Squares

Magic Squares are ancient boxes of numbers whose sums of rows, columns and diagonals all add up to the same sum. This matrix represents Perfect Equality in all directions or dimensions.  They are found in a number of cultures, including Egypt and India, engraved on stone or metal and worn as talismans, the belief being that magic squares had astrological and divinatory qualities, their usage ensuring longevity and prevention of diseases.

By translating the numbers in mystical squares, the Ancients discovered internal symmetry and harmonies that lay hidden within the chaos...

We will learn Construction of Atomic Art Forms and Magic Squares of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Day 3

ART OF NUMBER - Atomic structures are scientifically verified as order is created out of chaos

Digital Compression of Numbers - Lines connecting consecutive or sequential numbers - is the backdoor into the world of Atomic Art or Nuclear Geometry.  The Multiplication Table, Translating Numbers into the Atomic Art of Rutile and Platinum Crystal; The Binary Code revealing the origin of the VW symbol, and more.

Day 4

THE DIVINE PHI PROPORTION - The Living Mathematics of Nature, revealing the Fibonacci Numbers Infinite Series, the hidden 108 Code, and the Phi Ratio in the DNA Molecule

The human body is in resonance with the Living Mathematics of Nature. You will find out about secret codes concealed in the Gayati Mantra, the most famous Eastern prayer for Enlightenment, as you embrace part of the ascension process already morphologically and geometrically encoded into out bio-magnetic and bio-electrical fields.

Day 5

SACRED GEOMETRY - Grasp the concepts of a Fourth Dimension and Time Travel

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes. Gain an understanding of and Nesting of the 5 Platonic Solids as we explore multi-dimentional geometry and the subatomic realm.

Participants will receive a 30 page workbook with every subject.

Jain has taught thousands of children in schools and seminars, and has produced the first dvd in the world on Vedic Mathematics.  He has authored 7 other dvds and 12 books. His passion is to infuse children and adults with the Joy and Beauty of Numbers. Jain's ability to teach mathematics via Pattern Recognition is setting a new trend in the planet's future mathematical curriculum.

He is a Member of World Academy of Vedic Mathematics and the National Academy of Australia Mathematicians.  He is a Teacher at the School of Ramtha in Italy, and a Teacher at the International School of Feng Shui, based in New York.  Jain has also taught at the International Feng Shui Conferences in Amsterdam and Brisbane.  And, Along with the world-renowned scholar Kenneth Williams of the UK (, Jain is the co-director of MATHEMAGICS ASIA, (the website is being updated).

For more information on Jain's work, visit his website at:

or watch Jain on YouTube:

This 5 Day Seminar is the first in a set of 3 Seminars. Completion of all three seminars leads to a Teacher Qualification for teaching JainMathemagics. The second, Level 2 Advanced Seminar will be held later in the year, and the third, Teacher Training Seminar will take place in late Spring next year. Participants may choose to attend any number of days. Those wishing to progress to Level 2 will need to have attended the same subject at level one. And those wishing to acquire a Teacher's Diploma in Jainmathemagics will need to have completed both Levels 1 and 2 for which they will receive Completion Certificates.

Jain's teachings are epitomized in his description of a visit to a temple in Kolkata, Jain writes:  "...the Brahmin showed me around, and took me to a lantern above my head, which was just a bowl of ghee with a little wick alight. He  explained that this wick has been burning for 130 years, without the wick being consummated, only the ghee/oil keeps being added, but the wick it seems is eternal. It makes you wonder whether this is true or not and adds that distinctive spice to Indian myths or magic. In the end, the truth can only be determined by going within, trusting only our Higher Self, that eternal wick, and seeing God in All People and All Things. This Sufi-type religion is what I call: ANAHAT GURU which means "My Heart is my Teacher".

ADVANCED 5 DAY COURSE to follow later in 2012 - LEVEL 2

For those interested in the curriculum for Level 2 Advanced, to be held in London 2012 here are some of the topics that will be covered:



(Aka Vedic Mathematics, based on 16 Universal Sutras)

~ Mental One Line Division,

~ Square Roots and Cube Roots

~ Fractions etc


MAGIC SQUARES (Level 2 Advanced)

(Construction of Atomic Art Forms)

~ Magic Squares of a Higher Order: 8, 9,10,11, 12, 16

~ Magic Cubes, Magic Stars etc



(The Living Mathematics of Nature, revealing the hidden 108 Code)

~ Pentacle Harmonics

~ Construction of the Pentagram,

~ The “108 Phi Code 2″, being the 2nd Secret 24 Pattern revealed in the Fibonacci Sequence.

~ Mystical Squaring of the Circle,

~ Theory and construction of the Vesica Piscis (Mother Of All Form)


SACRED GEOMETRY (Level 2 Advanced)

(Understanding the 13 Archimedean Solids)

~ The 13 Archimedean Solids

~ The Cuboctahedron as the perfected form

~ The Truncated Icosahedron or Soccer Ball shape


ART OF NUMBER (Level 2 Advanced)

(Digital Compression of Numbers)

~ The Demonization of Sacred Symbols like the Swaztika, Star of Solomon, the Number 13, Pentagram, Phi Spiral

~ The 24 Cycle hidden in the Prime Number Sequence (revealing the 4th Dimensional Templar

Maltese Cross!)

~ Digital Compression of Number Sequences like the Squared Numbers, Cubic Numbers, Magic

Square Constants etc

~ The Magic of 9


Course Dates Spring 2013

For further information or to reserve a place, call +44 (0)7970 995919