Simultaneously contemporary and ancient, Shamanic healing aims to bring into balance an individual's entire state of being - through practices which are natural and familiar to body, mind, and soul.

For 10,000 years, shamans of the Andes and Amazon have been practising and developing an extraordinarily powerful, natural, and spiritual healing tradition. Described as Luminous Energy Healing, this practice is based on clearing an individual's Luminous Energy Field (a field that surrounds everyone's physical body), and connecting them to their higher, spiritual source, which through reminding the body of its healed state, promotes healing. This practice is also used to prevent illness, and to accelerate healing after surgery.

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In its natural, healthy state, our body has a high frequency or vibration. Generally, there are four ways in which an imbalance is created in the body.  An imbalance can occur due to toxic substances present in the food and water we ingest, the pollution we breathe, the presence of negative energetic environments, and last, but certainly not least, an imbalance can occur due to the way we process information through our thoughts and emotions.  When overwhelmed with any of these toxic substances, the vibration and frequency of our body's bio-electric field are lowered.

Western medicine may provide a cure for an illness, or offer surgery. However, this need not also mean that the patient is healed, as the infected energy may still be present in their Luminous Energy Field, and the illness could manifest in other ways. With Shamanic healing, this field is cleared of energetic imprints (seen by the trained shaman eye) that cause illness.

Our life and daily circumstances are often changing and unfolding at a pace over which we may feel we have little control. As we process information and meet new challenges on a continuous basis, our creativity and self expression become bound up in dealing with that which is before us, rather than flowing freely from us as an expression of our essential Self. This reactive mode of existence causes tension to build up at various levels of our being, which over time can have a detrimental effect on our health and overall feeling of contentment. We may feel we are on a treadmill from which we wish to step down, but may believe we do not know how to. Pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medication generally only mitigate the symptoms and discomfort and rarely provide resolution in the long term.

An interesting and important aspect in the process of spiritual awakening is the realisation that we are not our story.  On our personal journey, we are prompted to surrender the story of who we think we are as we become increasingly aware that our essence is so much greater that that with which we have identified and have taken for granted as being who we are.

Equally interesting is the fact that these very stories and their elements which define people's lives, are deeply imprinted, both in their Luminous Energy Field and in the cells of their physical body as they inform the individual's actions, beliefs, and ultimately the way they experience life itself.  The question arises, how does one heal something which supposedly does not exist in the first place?

During every session with a shaman, one or several core issues, the imprints of which have come to inform an individual's existence, is addressed.  Only by clearing these imprints, are we truly able to step outside of our story.

In shamanic healing, a person's energy field is cleansed of the built-up tension and energies and imprints from painful emotions, disruptive thoughts and trauma. This cleansing releases the individual to engage in life in a more vital and energetic manner. As more authentic emotions and states of being emerge, greater creativity and alignment with the essential Self take root.  Consequently, the person has more conscious choice and control both of the direction in which their life is heading and how they live it. Shamanic healing brings the individual's energies back into harmony at an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level.

Our Luminous Energy Field has an original memory of wholeness and the capability to be whole at all times. It is this capability that is facilitated through Shamanic healing.